Pre-Nuptial Checklist

In an attempt to avoid litigation by resolving property issues which may arise upon the death of a spouse or during a dissolution of marriage action, couples may choose to execute premarital agreements in order to determine how property will be divided in the event of death or divorce. In order to have a complete and carefully written agreement the following information is necessary:

Remarital Agreement Checklist

Parties names and address
Statement as to the stipulated factors such as

Marriage intentions; full disclosure of property; prior marriages and all information relating all children born or adopted to the parties

Wishes for children
Specific descriptions of
real property
trust funds
life estates
inheritance potential
business interests
patents, trademarks, Copyrights 2010 , literary or intellectual property

Both parties should have:
separate counsel
knowledge of other party’s property
Knowledge of marital rights and what you are waiving

Decisions on how to amend the document and the applicable law
Cash and cash equivalents
Automobiles, airplanes, boats, campers, trailers
Collections of significant value
Retirement plans
Life insurance

Copies: last two years income taxes