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Background: Illinois Child Custody Law
In Illinois, child custody is determined by what the court deems “the best interest of the children.” Traditionally, after a divorce, any future issues that arise between the two parties is heard in the same county courthouse as the divorce—including child custody—because that county retains jurisdiction of the case.

Illinois custody laws are quite clear. However, many judges prefer not to make final determinations as they feel that the parents of the children know or should know what is best for their children. The matter does become emotionally charged when a parent moves out of state, and it is in these situations specifically that experienced child custody lawyers and judicial intervention is most needed.

The Courts are unlikely to move a child that has deep roots to his or her environment. Additionally, children have the right to choose which parent they want to live with. In most cases, courts respect the children’s choice, except in cases where overwhelming evidence shows the home environment unsafe or unsavory to the continued growth of the child.

Because child custody cases can be complex and difficult, you need an experienced, diligent child custody lawyer to be your advocate. Contact Anderson & Boback to create a strategy for your unique circumstances.

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