A highly respected, experienced Chicago family law firm with top negotiation and litigation skills. When divorce and other Illinois family law, issues make your life chaotic and uncertain, you want your case resolved as quickly and fairly as possible. Anderson & Boback is a law firm with the confidence, skills, and efficiency to get the job done right.

The firm is devoted to the practice of Family Law and concentrates on adoptionsdivorce (both civil and military), post decree actions, child support (in state and out of state), visitation, custody, paternity and pre-nuptial agreements.

Although the firm is primarily devoted to family law, at times the issues of a family law practice require the advice and representation on criminal complaints, and we can assist you on those matters as well.

Through our honesty, efficiency, skilful negotiation and litigation experience, Anderson & Boback has earned a reputation in the legal community – and as proof, the majority of our case load is referrals from other attorneys and resources.

Thorough preparation and aggressive negotiation

With a focus on thorough preparation and aggressive negotiation, Kimberly J. Anderson and Janice L. Boback are models of professionalism in family law. It is hard to practice this area of law well unless this is all you are doing. Our attorneys have long-time experience and comfort with Illinois family law, which enables us to resolve cases expeditiously. We move cases along by doing discovery in a timely fashion. The discovery process takes the longest. If it is done efficiently, the case moves along quickly.

Much of our success comes from being aggressive negotiators with opposing parties when the situation calls for it. In some cases, once you become aggressive with the other side on the terms and on what you want, things get done more quickly. You are less likely to go to trial, and matters get settled more efficiently.

Experienced and effective litigators

It is financially, emotionally, and physically better for clients to settle without going to trial. But when negotiation does not work, our attorneys are always ready to try the case in court.

A wide array of family law skills and knowledge

Kimberly Anderson excels in Illinois child custody issues. Ms. Anderson has training in collaborative law and has been appointed by the courts numerous times on cases involving adoption and juvenile matters. Ms. Boback’s background is in finance, such as marital asset division and Illinois child support laws. Another area of law that she concentrates in is military divorce. Depending on the status of the military member at the time of the divorce, whether he is in active duty, on reserve, or retired has a unique impact on divorce that clients should be aware of. Both attorneys serve as child representatives throughout Cook County.

Reducing client’s stress and anxiety

We know how stressful and emotionally draining divorce can be. The most challenging thing in family law is the client’s emotional state. So we always keep the lines of communication open between the clients and ourselves. When they have issues, we get back to them as soon as possible.