DNA Testing and Costs

In the event that a father did not sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (or, a “VAP”) at the hospital when a child was born, they may have the right to request DNA testing to confirm paternity. Even in the … Continued

Legal Guardianship Elements

A guardian is given legal responsibility for the care of the child, appointed by the court, and responsible for the child until removed by the court or until the child turns 18 years old. A guardian is appointed for a … Continued

Right of First Refusal

Something that we hear often between parents is that when the other parent is supposed to be watching the minor child(ren) they are not; the child(ren) is with relatives, neighbors or in some kind of child care.  When drafting an … Continued

Best Interest Factors: what are they really?

Lawyers who regularly practice in the Domestic Relations/Parentage Court use the phrase “best interest of the minor child(ren)” often.  And early on in my practice, I found out that it is best to actually sit down with clients and go … Continued

All About Life Insurance

Life insurance is a very helpful tool in divorce cases, as well as parentage cases. Life insurance is most widely used for guaranteeing support or educational expenses will be paid for a minor child or children in the event of … Continued