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rights of fathers child custody Chicago IL

What Rights Do Fathers Have in Chicago Child Custody Cases?

The attitudes of Illinois family law judges about how children should be raised, and their time divided between parents, have changed significantly over the last fifty years or so. Judges used to believe, and rule–almost universally–that children needed to spend the majority of their time with the mother, and that the mother was inherently more nurturing, involved and dedicated to

date used determining dissipation in Illinois divorce

In Re Marriage of Sinha: Date Used for Determining Dissipation

Recently, the Illinois Appellate court addressed the issue of the date used in determining dissipation as raised by the divorce case In Re Marriage of Sinha. (In re MARRIAGE OF JYOTI SINHA and MUKESHA K. SINHA, 2021 IL App (2d) 191129, No. 2-19-1129) The court found when determining dissipation, you use the date when the marriage began breaking down, and not

new child relocation law on temporary orders

Changes to the Illinois Child Relocation Statute in Family Law for 2022

Oftentimes while a family law case is pending, parents will need or want to move with their minor children. The child relocation law in Illinois as of 2021 indicated that you need to seek approval for relocation from the Court if you want to move your minor child(ren) more than 25 miles away from their current residence. However, under the

child's preference in custody in chicago

Does a Child’s Preference Matter In Child Custody Decisions?

In Illinois, we have abolished using the term “custody” and now refer to parenting time as the schedule which dictates where the child resides, and when.  Clients often ask whether or not it matters if the child has an opinion as to where they reside, or how often they spend time with each parent, and the answer is complicated. Whether

lawyer for uncontested divorce chicago

Do You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement on all of the issues of divorce, that is a great start to the process. In an uncontested divorce, once that agreement has been reached, or even before, the next step is asking yourself whether or not it is beneficial for you or your spouse, or both of you,

better parent in child custody case

How to Prove You Are the Better Parent in a Custody Case

When parents end their relationship, it’s rarely easy especially if there are disagreements over custody. As Chicago child custody attorneys, we’re often asked for guidance on what you should bring up in a child custody case to show you are the “better parent“.  If you are anticipating a child custody case in Chicago, here’s what you need to know. What

sell your house before divorce in Chicago

Should You Sell Your House Before Divorce or Wait?

Many questions arise about property division when couples are facing divorce, especially when the couple owns a home.  What should you do with it now that you are divorcing?  Should you sell your house before divorce?  Should one spouse buy out the other?  How do we decide which way is best? Selling Your House Before Divorce  If you are in

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