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Same-Sex Divorce Property Division

Dividing Assets in Same-Sex Divorces: What You Need to Know

Divorce is challenging for any couple, and same-sex couples face specific legal considerations when it comes to dividing assets. This blog will explore the unique aspects of property division in same-sex divorces in Illinois, ensuring that you are informed and prepared. History of Gay Marriage in IllinoisHistory of Gay Marriage in IllinoisPost Obergefell:  Marriage Rights and Benefits Include:Difference

High-conflict divorce support tips and guidance

Handling High-Conflict Divorces: Tips for Preserving Your Sanity and Rights

Divorce is never easy.  It involves ending a significant relationship, dividing assets, and managing daily responsibilities, all while dealing with intense emotions.  The difficulty increases when minor children are involved.  In many cases, both parties aim to resolve the divorce quickly and with minimal conflict and legal expenses.  However, some divorces escalate into high-conflict situations, where one party is determined

How to Safeguard Your Privacy During Divorce

How to Safeguard Your Privacy During Divorce: A Practical Guide

Deciding to divorce is not ever something that people consider lightly.  It is a deeply personal decision private matters like property.  For those reasons, many wish to have discretion in their divorce proceedings to keep certain things confidential or private.  Depending on the situation, discretion can sometimes be achieved.  This guide provides practical steps to help safeguard your privacy throughout

Client dissatisfied or unhappy with attorney discussing issues

What Can I Do If I Don’t Like My Attorney?

One of the most important decisions you make when going through a divorce or family law matter is your choice in attorneys. You want someone who can secure a good result, advocate zealously on your behalf, listen to your concerns, and work with you to address them.  You also want someone who approaches your case with care and compassion for

Timely Child Support Modification Illinois

Don’t Delay: Act Now (or Promptly) to Modify Child Support in Illinois

A common situation that we see in our office is a client who comes in and tells us that they or the other parent have experienced a change in their employment circumstances, and they want to know how this affects their child support obligations.  In Illinois, timely child support modification is crucial when such changes occur to ensure the support

Co-parenting for executives - High-level executive co-parenting with children

Co-Parenting for Success: The Executive’s Roadmap to Amicable Custody Agreements

Managing parenting responsibilities during a divorce can be challenging, particularly for high-level executives like CEOs or those in demanding roles.  Balancing demanding work schedules with parenting time might seem almost impossible.  However, there are strategies to help create a parenting time schedule that maximizes involvement and ensures both parents participate in decision-making for their children.  Importantly, having a demanding job

Dividing Personal Property in Divorce

Dividing “Personal Property” in Divorce: What You Need to Know

Personal property encompasses various personal items individuals own, including jewelry, electronics, and household goods. These items accumulate over the years, and during a divorce, the question of how to divide them arises. This article explores the nuances of dividing personal property in divorce cases and the considerations involved. Definition of Personal Property We use personal property to describe personal items

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    Chicago Downtown Office

    20 N. Clark Street, Suite 3300 Chicago, IL 60602

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    5 Revere Drive, Suite 200 Northbrook, IL 60062

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