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When you need trusted family law counsel and compassionate representation, you can turn to the Law Offices of Anderson & Boback. Our Chicago divorce and family law attorneys bring decades of experience fighting for every client. Included in SuperLawyers and ranked among the top 5% of attorneys. We offer exceptional representation to help you move your life forward.


DuPage County Divorce Attorneys

Family legal matters are sensitive and often put people in positions of vulnerability. Few of us want to share the heartache of our failed marriage or child custody battles with a stranger. Adopting a child is often a complex emotional roller coaster until the judge signs the papers. Yet these types of situations require the assistance of a trusted advisor to help you wade through the complexities of Illinois law.

Seek out guidance and support from a family and divorce law firm serving DuPage County that has the tenacity you deserve and a compassionate approach during legal proceedings. When you work with the team at Anderson & Boback, we will serve you through the life-events that matter most.

Know When to Seek Out the Assistance of a DuPage County Family Lawyer

We can assist with a variety of matters such as divorce, spousal and child support, child custody, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and adoptions. With both the painful and joyous events in life, we are here to help.

  1. Ending Your Marriage: No one wants to see their marriage end. If this stressful event happens, however, you may find you have more questions than answers. You and your spouse will have to resolve many issues such as:
    • Parental responsibilities
    • Divorce custody
    • how to divide marital assets
    • whether to go to court, use a mediator, collaborate, or ask for a legal separation

    Certain aspects of your marriage that can affect the outcomes of your divorce include:

    • The level of shared assets
    • Military enrollment
    • Same-sex relationships
    • Domestic partnerships
  2. Settling Financial Support and Parental Responsibilities: As you and your spouse work through the dissolution of your marriage, essential questions to resolve with the support of a family law firm serving DuPage County include:
    • Do you intend to share parenting duties equally?
    • How much time with each parent would be best for your child or children?
    • How will child support be taken care of?
    • Do you need spousal support, and if so, will it be long-term or short-term?
  3. Before and During Your Marriage: Taking the vow of marriage has evolved over time. While most people expect the best outcomes, many people now plan for the possibility that the worst could occur. Addressing the risk that a relationship could end leads couples to consider prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. It isn’t all about the worst-case scenario, though. Here are some additional reasons these agreements can help:
    • A plan to divide property and assets
    • Ensure the rights of children from a prior marriage or relationship
    • Creating an estate plan to assist in the event of medical or health problems
    • Establish better financial outcomes for spouses in the event of infidelity
    • Gain the most tax savings
    • Decrease the likelihood of a contentious divorce
    • Protect any family businesses and future inheritances
  4. Bringing a New Addition into the Family through Adoption: Children without parents to care for them deserve to have a family. When you decide to adopt, you are making one of the best and among the most challenging decisions of your life. An experienced family law attorney in DuPage County can guide you through the adoption process in Illinois. The process can be for step-parents, relatives, through an agency, a foster parent, interstate, grandparents, or international. Trust an established law firm with this exciting step.

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DuPage County Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Custody Attorneys – Where Results Meet Compassion

Work with a divorce and family law team committed to protecting your rights and those of your children. At Anderson & Boback, our mission is to aid families in solving their legal issues with the dedication you deserve. We pledge to provide honesty, integrity, and compassion delivered with outstanding customer service.

We communicate openly with the personal attention you expect. You can depend on us to offer a listening ear and to educate you on your rights so that you can make the best decisions for your family. Count on us to fight for you and your rights in the courtroom.

Contact us online or call us at 312-715-0870 to schedule a family law or Online divorce consultation in DuPage County today.

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