Can I Change My Child’s Name?

You may change the name of a minor if:


You are the biological parent of the minor; or

The minor has lived with your family for at least 3 years and has been recognized and known as an adopted child in your family.


Be aware, however, that the process for changing the name of a minor will vary depending on whether:


The parents are in agreement;

The parents are not in agreement; and

The whereabouts of one of the parents is unknown.


To change a minor’s name:


First, get a certified copy of the Order for Change of Name**;

Second, get a copy of your child’s old birth certificate;

Third, mail your child’s birth certificate along with the designated fee to the Illinois Department of Public Health Division.


**In most jurisdictions, a Petition for Change of Name of Minor must be filed in the county court in which the minor child lives.  Any lawful reason that the Petitioner(s) deems (deem) a benefit is typically adequate to satisfy most courts.  For example, the Petitioner(s) may prefer a new name due to social or religious reasons.  The Petitioner(s) may not change the minor child’s name for purposes of fraud of if it will violate the rights of others.  The Petitioner(s) should contact the court clerk in the county in which the minor child resides to determine the filing fees, docket number, and other local requirements.


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