In Illinois Child custody cases, custody is determined by looking at what the court deems in “the best interest of the children”. Traditionally, after a divorce, any future issues that arise between the two parties remains in the same county courthouse where the divorce occurred. This includes issues regarding child custody. The reason that future issues are litigated in the same county courthouse is that the county where the divorce occurred retains jurisdiction of the case. Illinois custody laws are quite clear, however, many judges prefer not to make final determinations as they feel that the parents of the children know or should know what is best for their children. The matter does become emotionally charged when a parent moves out of state, and it is in these situations specifically that experienced child custody lawyers and judicial intervention is most needed. The Courts are unlikely to uproot a child that has deep roots to his or her environment. Additionally, children have the right to exercise their wishes as to which parent they want to reside, and the Courts do listen except for cases that there is overwhelming evidence that the home environment is unsafe or unsavory to the continued growth and maturity of the child. Child support laws differ from Child custody laws Illinois, and you can read additional information on both of these topics in our Articles and News Sections. Should you have further questions, please feel free tocontact us at Anderson & Boback so that we may provide to you the proper information regarding your specific set of circumstances.