There are certain parts of a final judgement or court order that are permanent, but there are instances in which circumstances change and it may be necessary to modify the divorce decree. Anderson & Boback have vast experience in helping our clients who are seeking modifications of family law orders. This may include issues involving:

  • Change of custody
  • Change of spousal maintenance (increase or decrease)
  • Changes to visitation
  • Enforcement
  • Increased or decreased child support

Our judgement modification attorneys help clients when they need to make changes in terms of child support, child custody or spousal support:

  • Child Custody/Visitation Modifications (Allocation of Parental Responsibilities): It is slightly more difficult to get a modification to your child custody agreement than it is to get parenting time modified. For most situations, you need to wait two years before you seek a change of custody. This is not applicable if the child is in danger and if this is the case, immediately action should be taken
  • Child Support Modifications: There may be circumstances that have changed since you had your child support order and you may need to make modifications to the order. We help clients who are looking to get increased child support and we also represent clients who are looking to have their child support obligation reduced
  • Spousal Support Modifications: There may be circumstances or changes in employment that call for the spousal support arrangement to be modified. If there has been a change in your financial situation, our attorneys can let you know if you have a significant reason to request a modification

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