Being Involved In Your Community

As you can see from other posts on our blog, Anderson & Boback, and each of us individually, finds it important to be involved in our community.   It is important to find a cause that you are passionate about so that the time you spent outside of work and outside of family and friends and to a cause is well spent and delivered with passion.

Since I was in college I have focused my efforts on education and educational programs that support the communities that I live and/or work in.

Several years ago I joined the Auxiliary Board and then the executive board of the Auxiliary Board of a nonprofit organization called, “Big Shoulders Fund.”  Although it is not a religious organization, it promotes and provides support to over eighty  (80) inner-city Catholic schools in the city of Chicago.  Most of the children attending the schools live below the poverty line and without the support of the scholarships provided by Big Shoulders, would not be able to afford the tuition.  Big Shoulders is unique; due to an endowment, 100% of funds received go directly toward programs that benefit the schools that Big Shoulders serve.

Big Shoulders also provides support through volunteer tutors, mentors, coaches and give-back-days (where volunteers spend a Saturday morning, cleaning, painting, gardening or doing any other miscellaneous chores the school requests).

I have found that outside of my career, being involved in a non-profit that I am passionate about has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my adult life. As Chicago is a big city, there are numerous non-profits as well as numerous people/animals/causes that are in need. So whether you have money you would like to donate or time that you can devote to an organization, do some research and get involved today, your community needs you!




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