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Anderson Boback & Marshall Scholarship For Law Students Pursuing A Career In Family Law

The Anderson Boback & Marshall law firm, family law and divorce attorneys in Chicago since 1998, is proud to announce the A B & M Scholarship for Aspiring Family Law Attorneys. We’re offering a $1,000 scholarship to a student pursuing a law degree at an ABA-accredited law school who has a passion and interest in family law.

At Anderson Boback & Marshall, we are experienced family law and divorce attorneys providing legal representation to clients involved in Divorce, Spousal Support, Child Custody & Support, and other family law matters. We work with clients and families of all sizes and types resolving some of life’s most difficult legal issues. We take a compassionate and supportive approach to tough emotional situations and design solutions to help our clients move forward with their lives. 

Each semester, Anderson Boback & Marshall will award a $1,000 scholarship to one dedicated law student to help them ease the financial hurdles to becoming an attorney.  

Supporting Talented Law Students Pursuing a Career in Family Law

Supporting Talented Law Students pursuing a Career in Family Law

We are interested in hearing what inspired you to become an attorney. We’d love to know what specifically motivates your interest in practicing family law and why? And, why you think you would make a good lawyer. If you have any previous experience in advocating for yourself or others, please also share how that experience informed your decision to pursue a career in law!

At Anderson Boback & Marshall, we believe that every party involved in divorce and family law cases deserves a talented, dedicated advocate to help them fight for fair treatment under the law. It’s not enough for us to help our clients obtain justice for their unique situations—we want to make sure that the law itself is applied properly so that others don’t have to go through what they did.

That’s why we’ve established this scholarship program: to foster an attitude of fairness and compassion in those who are pursuing a career in family law. We hope it will encourage you, too, as you take steps on your path toward becoming an attorney.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

If you are currently enrolled as a student at an ABA-accredited law school, we invite you to apply for our $1,000 scholarship.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must meet the following criteria:

If you have any questions, please contact us via email lawyers@illinoislawforyou.com

Application Requirements

To apply, please complete the application form below along with an essay with a minimum of 1000 words that answers the following questions at the prompt in the application:

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What inspired you to become lawyer, and specifically, what motivates your interest in practicing family law and why? 

Along with your essay, please submit an academic transcript and contact information including your address, phone number, and email address.

Spring 2024 scholarship Applications Open October 15, 2023

Submit Your Application

Selection Criteria & Award

Our team will review all applications and select a scholarship winner. We want to consider the merits of every entry to ensure that the recipient of the scholarship will be able to use the award to further their education and career. This process can take time, but we expect to announce the winner within one month after the application deadline. During the review and evaluation process, we will consider the following criteria:

We will notify this scholarship recipient via email by May 30, 2024. The scholarship award will be paid directly to the financial aid office at the recipient’s school.

Please Contact Us With Questions About the Anderson Boback & Marshall Scholarship Program

If you have any questions about our scholarship program, please send an email to lawyers@illinoislawforyou.com

AB & M Family Law Scholarship Winners

tomale mel williams chicago

Fall 2023 Winner: Tomale "Mel" Williams

Anderson Boback & Marshall is excited to announce that Tomale “Mel” Williams has been selected as the Fall 2023 recipient of our AB & M Scholarship for Aspiring Family Law Attorneys 

We look forward to your applications!

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