When Is A Good Time to Divorce?

Many couples hold off on divorcing until their children are grown and out of house in an attempt to protect them or limit the disruption  and stress that a divorce may add to their children’s life.  However, there have been several stress identifiers with parents divorcing in their children’s college years as well.
·         The Lost Idea of Home
·         Anger and Resentment
·         Guilt
·         Struck in the Middle
·         Negative Conversations
·         Financial Concerns
·         Stages of Grief
·         Stress Surrounding Important Milestones Like Graduation
In most situations, there is never a good time for divorce and although most parents intentions are good to hold off on divorcing until their children are in college, college brings about a lot of other changes for children, that adding a divorce on top of it actually creates even more stress. Although the list above does not encompass all of the feelings a college student may face with divorcing parents, they have been listed as the most common.

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