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An Ugly Divorce – It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

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Worried about going through an ugly divorce? If you are going through the divorce or are thinking about filing for divorce you may be worried about what the outcome will be. Remember that for the most part you are in control of how the divorce process goes. So, if you have not filed for divorce yet, think about the big picture and focus on your main goal. If you are already involved in dissolution process, maybe let this all sink in and re-evaluate your strategy, if need be.

Is the Marriage Over?

For whatever reason, you no longer want to be married or your spouse no longer wants to be married. In some cases, the marriage can still be saved. Many people get a therapist when having marital trouble. Some couples even go to marriage therapy together. Sometimes people just need some time apart. Some people divorce and remarry later in life. Every relationship has a unique story. What we are talking about here is when the marriage is OVER.

Spouses Do Not Need to Agree to a Divorce

Spouses do not need to agree that they want a divorce, which sometimes sparks an ugly divorce. If your spouse files for divorce, you cannot just decide to ignore what is happening and making it “ugly” won’t help. If you do, the Court could end up finding you in “default” and then your spouse will likely get whatever they requested in the divorce petition they filed.

In the Divorce Process? Time To Set Your Goals

Once you start to accept the fact that the marriage is over start thinking about what your main goals are. Yes, of course, you cannot simply flip a switch and be okay with what is happening in your but the quicker you can control your emotions the quicker you can get in control of the divorce. Find a good therapist to get you through this trying time and figure out what is most important to you. How you react now will impact you later.



What should be a goal? MONEY and saving it!

Money is something most people would agree is a big goal in a divorce. Whether your assets are big or small, it is likely that you want them to continue to grow in value. Conserving assets during the dissolution process should be high on everyone’s list because the more you have at the end of the divorce process the more financial stability you will have moving forward when the Divorce Judgment is entered.

How Do You Conserve Your Assets While Going through a Divorce?

The more you and your spouse can agree to the more you can conserve your assets. Have you and your spouse discussed mediation? That can often be a cost-effective way to work towards a resolution and to move on with you lives.

Try not to let communication issues stop you from trying to work something out with your spouse. Utilize a mediator, a divorce coach, or your attorneys. The sooner you can start talking settlement with your spouse the better.

Remember that the court is there is decide legal issues only. The court does not really care about what caused the breakdown in the marriage. Illinois is a “no-fault” divorce state so it just doesn’t matter what you or your spouse did or did not do in the marriage. If you want a divorce, you can get a divorce.

Discuss strategies with your attorney to keep your divorce moving towards your goals. Cooperate in the process. If documents are requested from you, provide them.

During Divorce Time Is Money

Remember that time is money. The less time your divorce takes the more money you will likely save in the long run. Don’t let yesterday and today’s emotions negatively impact your life tomorrow.

If you are wondering if the time is right to proceed with a divorce or your spouse has already made that decision for you it’s important to seek sound legal advice. Feel free to contact Nichol Broshous and the experienced divorce attorneys at Anderson and Boback for more information on the divorce process.

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