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Child Support Modification
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Child Support Modification Lawyer

Everything changes with time, and child support orders that are first issued by the court when a couple divorces may be subject to change with life circumstances. Although it is not always easy to obtain an Illinois child support modification, there are circumstances which occur in a child or parent’s life that may require a change in child support. When couples divorce, the court issues orders regarding a variety of financial matters, including any applicable child support. Time passes and things change, including circumstances for each party regarding their financial or living situation. Even with new circumstances, changing an existing court order is more involved than simply showing that your situation has changed. If the time has come for you to pursue a modification to your child support or oppose a Petition for Child Support Modification filed by your ex, call on Anderson & Boback. Our attorneys are child support modification lawyers in Chicago with the expertise necessary to help you obtain a modification of your child support order. If you live outside of Illinois but have a case pending in the family courts in Chicago and surrounding counties.

Requirements for Modification of Child Support in Illinois

We Conduct Careful Analysis of the Law and Your Circumstances

Modifying orders issued from a divorce proceeding or child custody case depend upon whether the order affects the financial support of the child or the placement and custody of the child. If requesting to modify the financial child support, a party is required to show evidence of a substantial change in circumstances.
Evidence the court looks at when determined if a substantial change of circumstances has occurred may include, but is not limited to the following:
  • An increase in income or bonuses paid
  • A second job
  • Involuntary pay cuts
  • Losing a job involuntarily through a layoff
  • Additional medical expenses for a prolonged illness
  • Any other events that affect the earning power or income of either party
If you have experienced any of these life-changing circumstances since your original child support order was issued, contact Anderson & Boback for help in obtaining an Illinois child support modification.

Seeking Modifications of Child Allocation Plans

If you wish to modify a child allocation plan, custody agreement or parenting time, you must provide evidence to the court to support your request for modification. The requirements for issuing a modification a child allocation plan include:
  • A two-year waiting period since the date of the last custody order with significant changes in circumstances warranting a modification along with Affidavits proving a serious threat to the mental, emotional or physical health of the child which cannot wait the two years
  • A change in circumstances that is in the best interest of the child
It is required that the requesting party convince the court of the new circumstances that justify modifying an Illinois child support order.

Top-Rated Child Support Modification Lawyers With a Proven Record of Success

We are often called upon as child support modification lawyers, helping people through substantial life and economic changes. When you work with our legal team, we’ll assess your situation and explain all your options through clear and open communication. Whether your case is complex or simple, a high asset divorce or military divorce, our family law attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you protect your rights and future for you and your children.
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Anderson & Boback our highly respected Chicago divorce attorneys recognized for their in-depth knowledge of family law in Illinois. We are dedicated to helping our clients by explaining available options so you can make the best decisions and take action to protect your interests. Contact us when you need help with an Illinois child support modification.

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