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All things family live event Join us virtually for our live webinar where we will talk about questions you have regarding your parenting order, if you should comply, or under what parameters you should comply.  Our chat will be led by the Firm Partners, Kim Anderson, Janice Boback, and Jessica Marshall. As time permits in this chat or we shall schedule future chats to discuss other topics of interest to families, co-parenting, caring for children, and taking care of ourselves during this challenging COVID-19 period.

Topics to Include:

  • Impact of the “stay-at-home” order on your parenting order
  • Under what circumstances should you comply or not comply
Have specific questions? Ask away! Use the form below to “Ask the Organizer” how to manage your concerns, and the attorneys will address as many as time will allow. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL QUESTIONS BY THURSDAY, 3/30/2020 at 12:00pm CT

    Other Topics May Include (as time permits or will be scheduled for future chats):

    • What are your challenges related to child support or spousal support in events your job is impacted
    • Balancing work and family when everyone is “quarantined” at home
    • Instilling order in chaos
    • Dealing with stress and frustration

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