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DePaul College of Law – 2018 Alumni Reception

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DePaul Law through the Office of Alumni Relations hosted a DePaul College of Law Alumni Reception on the evening of Wednesday, October 3, 2018, at River Roast in Chicago’s Loop. The purpose of the event was to bring alumni together, older and recent, celebrate DePaul’s legal community and many accomplishments.

The Reception featured remarks from the College of Law’s Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea, who is beginning her fourth year as Dean, as well as from Christopher Hession, a graduate of the class of 1997, who is serving as the DePaul Law Young Alumni Engagement Board President.

DePaul Law Young Alumni Engagement Board

The Young Alumni Engagement Board’s mission is to foster connections between the College of Law and its alumni. The board achieves its mission by supporting career development opportunities for current students and recent alumni through volunteering, mentoring, networking and executing special events. The newly found board serves as key ambassadors and advocates for DePaul Law amongst classmates, colleagues, friends, and others in the legal community.

The board has a strong voice in strategic decisions for the College of Law, helps advise the facility and staff in making major decisions, and assists the school in staying focused on its main mission which is to serve the students. The board has made real efforts to engage alumni of all classes by planning the event and strongly encouraging attendance to those events. The board embodies the essence of DePaul pride.

DePaul Law in the Community

DePaul is making an effort more now than ever to build community and passion amongst alumni. Dean Jen plays a major factor in the positive changes occurring within DePaul Law over the past several years. Dean Jen started off her remarks at the October 3rd Alumni Reception by speaking of the camaraderie and accomplishments of DePaul’s alumni. Dean Jen stressed the importance of building on and maintaining DePaul’s mission of service within Chicago’s community. She challenged each attendee at the reception to be a role model and encourage others to use their skills and talents to better others.

DePaul Law – Commitment to Service

DePaul is named after St. Vincent DePaul who was a French Catholic priest that dedicated himself to serving the poor. DePaul continually strives to uphold St. Vincent DePaul’s work by encouraging students to serve their communities.

DePaul’s “1L” Service Day

DePaul hosts an annual “1L Service Day” on the first day of school where first-year law students divide up and participate in activities to better Chicago’s community. Many members of the faculty and staff eagerly join the students in this tradition each year. Whether it be physically cleaning up an area of Chicago or assisting underprivileged litigants, DePaul Law makes an exceptional impact on the community on this day each year. This is the first year DePaul is proud to announce they have made the day a mandatory event for all incoming students.

DePaul Law’s Pro Bono and Community Service Initiative

DePaul prides itself in preparing students to serve in diverse fields, including criminal law, immigration, domestic violence, housing, and civil rights. Through the Pro Bono and Community Service Initiative, DePaul maintains its dedication in training students to become lawyers who consider community service an integral part of their professional commitment, regardless where their career path takes them. DePaul takes great pride in the Public Interest Law & Public Service specialization it offers students. The program has been going strong for a number of years and is geared towards students who plan to use their law degree to help the unrepresented and underrepresented. DePaul’s motto is “Here we do”.


At the reception, Dean Jen also stressed the College’s focus on diversity and inclusion. DePaul prides itself in the diversity of its student body and faculty. It offers a variety of clubs for many minority groups and welcomes students to start their own organization in a field they are passionate about. This provides for many leadership opportunities for students, as well as ways to serve the community


One of Dean Jen’s biggest assets is how she maintains her focus on the students’ needs. She has listened and ensured many positive changes were made to better the students’ experience. She described the student as the north stars or in other words the main focus of DePaul. She made a point to say that without them, DePaul would not exist. Keeping this mission in mind will make for a stronger alumni network and greater impact on Chicago’s community.

DePaul Alumni Weekend 2018

DePaul is also hosting Alumni Weekend 2018 for another opportunity for alums to reconnect with friends and classmates, share memories and revisit their alma mater on October 12-14, 2018. Each year DePaul honors those classes celebrating a milestone anniversary. This year the Classes of 1993 and 1968 will be honored as they are celebrating their 25th and 50th anniversaries since graduating from DePaul University College of Law.

DePaul Law Alumna and Anderson & Boback Attorney Genevieve Niemann

Genevieve Niemann, an associate at Anderson & Boback, LLC, is a proud 2015 graduate of DePaul Law and continually strives to serve her community by assisting clients with all stages of domestic relation proceedings. Genevieve originally became a lawyer because she wanted to use her skills and talents to help others. She realizes the legal system, especially in the Domestic Relations Division of Cook County, can be difficult to navigate through and strives to advocate for clients to obtain the best resolution possible for their case.

If you have questions or concerns about family law or divorce-related issues contact Anderson & Boback to schedule your confidential consultation. Our dedicated team of experienced Chicago family law attorneys is here to help.

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