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Same Sex Divorce Lawyers

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Same-sex marriage is legal in the State of Illinois, and now faces the same laws when it is terminated. Same sex relationships may be faced with unique challenges that require the professional services of same-sex divorce lawyers. If you’re considering dissolution of your same-sex marriage, it’s important to seek guidance and expertise that the divorce lawyers at Anderson & Boback can provide.

The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act in 2014 grants the same rights to same-sex married couples as those in any other marriage. Prior to the passing of this bill, same-sex couples had the options of entering into a civil union or a domestic partnership. However, those options only provide some protections to the relationship. Traveling to a state that did not recognize civil unions could be problematic. Now that same-sex marriages are recognized in Illinois, the rights and protections under Illinois’ divorce laws also apply.

For couples joined in civil unions, the law provides legal protection and rights such as the right to file joint state income tax returns, the right to medical coverage under a partner’s health insurance plan, the right to make medical decisions, and survivorship rights. For Chicago couples that decide to convert their civil union into a marriage, it’s beneficial to work with a same-sex lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of family law in Illinois.

We understand that you may have questions about your rights and responsibilities, particularly when such relationships come to an end.

Unique Challenges for Same-Sex Divorce

Each spouse going through a divorce needs to protect their rights and interests, with unique challenges facing those in a same-sex divorce. When children enter the marriage whether, through surrogacy or adoption, both partners are considered the legal parents of the children. This means married same-sex couples have the same parental obligations, rights, and issues just like any other divorcing couple.

Anderson & Boback help you determine and establish your rights and protect your interests throughout your same-sex divorce.

Unlike opposite-sex divorce, complex child custody and visitation issues exist if only one parent is the legal guardian of a child or children. This situation can occur when one partner did not adopt children during the marriage or if the child was born to surrogacy prior to the marriage. Same-sex divorce lawyers at Anderson & Boback have the knowledge of Illinois family law to help you understand your rights and protect your interests.

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Anderson & Boback are family law attorneys in Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to protecting the rights of all clients, providing guidance and support throughout the entire divorce process. We provide skilled analysis and strategies for all types of divorces issues, including high asset divorce, same-sex divorce, and other complex divorce situations. We’re here to ensure that your plan protects all your interests including asset and property division, debt liability, child custody and support issues and any ongoing spousal maintenance.

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Anderson & Boback are family law attorneys serving Chicago and Cook County Illinois with a concentration on obtaining the fairest and most equitable divorce settlements. We listen to your concerns and strategize a plan to protect your rights and interests. Contact us today to speak with the top Chicago same-sex divorce lawyers.

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