All About the “Summons” and “Appearance”

When a case is commenced in court, whether it is a divorce case, a child support case, or any other sort of family law related case, unless you agree to “waive” being served, you will be served a Summons. The Summons commands you to “appear” at a specific place, by a certain date after you

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Am I Required to Carry Life Insurance?

Parents who have to pay child support are often asked to keep a life insurance policy in place. Some payors meet this requirement with resistance, since they are already paying mandatory child support, half of daycare, half of extracurricular activities, and half of out of pocket medical expenses. When the request comes to also carry

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Dividing Property

                In order to obtain a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, the parties must do one of two things: either settle their case, or proceed to trial. Under the first option, the parties reach a settlement agreement which disposes of all issues regarding their property and their children. Once the agreement has been reached, the

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What Constitutes as Being Legally Separated?

No. Frequently, divorcing clients think once they file for a dissolution of marriage they are legally separated. This is not true. The parties to a divorce action are husband and wife, and legally married, until the date the judgment for dissolution of marriage is entered. Being legally separated is different from being separated. Couples who

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Two Mothers Lose Child Custody for Failing to Facilitate Relationship With Other Parent

Facilitating a relationship between the child and the non-custodial parent is a requirement for the custodial parent. Our office just won two separate custody disputes where we alleged that the mother would not facilitate a relationship with their child and the father. The court in both instances agreed, and custody was modified to the father.

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What is Considered Income for the Purpose of Calculating Child Support?

When you have an obligation to pay child support, what is income for the purpose of calculating the total amount owed? For the purposes of determining child support, the court need to calculate what the net income of a payor is, not the gross income. Net income is the “total of all income from all

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What is a Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage?

               I was recently asked, what is the difference between an annulment and a divorce? This particular client decided to leave her husband, but wanted to know all of her options. Although most of our clients seek to dissolve their marriage by obtaining a divorce, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act also allows

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