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What Is a Child Custody Evaluation?

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If you are facing a child custody case in Chicago, you may be wondering what a child custody evaluation is and how it is used in the custody process. A child custody evaluation is a standard evaluation ordered by the Court. It helps the Judge make decisions about parental responsibilities and parenting time. The Court

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How Can I Modify My Child Support?

Categorized as Child Support Modification

The question “How can I modify my child support” is one of the most frequently asked questions in family law. Child support is often a hotly contested issue, as many parents feel like they are paying too much, or their ex-partner is paying too little.  But, opinion has little to do with it. Child support

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What Is a Second Parent Adoption?

Categorized as Adoption

Second Parent Adoptions are typically done when a spouse has a child from a previous relationship and the circumstances allow that child to be adopted by the other spouse.  As an example:  Wife and Husband get married and Wife has a child from a previous relationship.  Wife wants Husband to adopt this child which can

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