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financial mistakes during a divorce

Common Financial Mistakes During a Chicago Divorce

Beth Kraszewski, President and Founder & Wealth Manager in Chicago focusing on Financial Planning for High Achieving Professionals, joined Anderson & Boback live Talk Tuesday and provided a drill down on the common financial mistakes that people make during a divorce, including:

  1. Marital Home – When approaching divorce, often at least one of the spouses is determined to keep the home. What issues can result from this?
  2. Retirement Plans – What considerations should people keep in mind when they are deciding how their assets will be split during a divorce?
  3. Penalties on Retirement Accounts – Are there any other issues with receiving retirement accounts as part of the divorce settlement
  4. Bigger Financial Picture – If we take a step back and look at the bigger financial picture, what advice do you have for people going through a divorce?

Here is the recording of the Live Facebook Talk on the Common  Financial Mistakes During a Divorce

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