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Disney magical day of networking

Lawyer Moms Just Want to Have Fun

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A Magical Day of Networking

In early February I helped organize a Networking Event in Disneyland. All attendees were both attorneys (had to have passed a bar exam) and moms. Professionals who are also parents are a unique niche; we are used to juggling many things at once, and it makes us better attorneys for it. Networking with other working mothers is something I am very passionate about. So, of course, when presented with this opportunity to meet 50+ lawyer moms, in Disneyland, I was all (Minnie) ears!

Meeting Up at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

We met up for a morning photo all together in front of Sleeping Beauty castle. Unfortunately, the castle was completely boarded up, because it was under construction. But, we did not let that put a damper on our day! We took some photos, and we wrote our names on our “nametags” (which were Disneyland Park “I’m celebrating” buttons) and made our first introductions. We had some time before our luncheon, and so we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, and took over nearly three entire boats! We took some photographs and chatted away, learning more about one another during the ride.

Networking at Disneyland’s Exclusive “Club 33”

Next, it was on to our luncheon at Club 33. Club 33 is a coveted social club located in Disneyland park. Membership is extremely difficult to come by and being able to have a meal there is on the bucket list of any true Disney fan. We had a beautiful luncheon, explored the Club, and took the iconic Club 33 photo of our feet by the Club 33 tiles. We chatted away about relevant legal topics, including social justice issues, current events, and issues we face practicing law as working parents. It was wonderful to connect with women from all over the country and from many diverse backgrounds. Attorneys traveled in for this event from Oregon, Texas, Utah, Illinois, and more, but the majority of attendees were from California. There were government attorneys, immigration attorneys, other family law practitioners, and more.

After the luncheon, we went into the member’s lounge for additional networking and drinks. The lounge was stunning! We had an amazing time getting to know one another and talking about our practices. Once the formal part of the networking was over, we broke off into groups and took Disneyland by storm. We met a Star Wars Stormtrooper, rode Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and bought Mickey and Minnie Ears and unique snacks. It was a blast!

Proceeds Raised Donated to “Together We Rise” Organization

All additional proceeds raised from the luncheon and networking day were donated to Together We Rise, an organization which helps foster children go to Disneyland. Overall, it was a wonderful way to get together and network with like-minded individuals in the happiest place on earth! We are all already looking forward to doing it again in the future.

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