A Practical Approach to Holiday Parenting Time

Now that Halloween is over, it seems that everyone is looking forward towards the holidays. For those who do not yet have a holiday parenting time schedule in place, this can be worrisome. However, there are some common-sense ways to deal with establishing a holiday parenting time schedule. First, make a list of the holidays which are most important to you. Maybe your grandparents come in town every Thanksgiving, or perhaps Easter is a big one for your family. Clearly, in most situations, you will have to share parenting time over the holidays with your children’s other parent, so ranking the holidays in order of importance can help you to determine which holidays are most important. As a rule of thumb, if every single year Christmas Eve is very big for one parent, they may get it every year, and the other parent will have Christmas Day. Maybe one parent always has a part for Labor Day weekend and wants that every year, then perhaps the other parent will have Memorial Day every year. Some parents like to travel over the holidays. In that case, it makes sense for one parent to have Thanksgiving in its entirety and the other to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in their entirety, and then alternate which parent has which holidays in each year. It is also a good idea to make sure the holidays are evenly distributed to avoid one parent having every major holiday one year and the other parent having every major holiday the other year. Taking these practical points is helpful in establishing a holiday parenting time schedule which is acceptable for everyone involved.

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