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The Law Firm of Anderson and Boback has worked hard to earn their reputation for expertly practicing diligent and focused Illinois Family Law. During this difficult time, you can expect expert legal advice in the areas of Illinois Divorce LawsIllinois Child Custody and Child Support Laws as well as Military Divorce Laws.

We understand that in times of personal crisis, you want answers. As your Illinois family law attorneys, we will provide you with answers to the best of our ability. Additionally, we will guide you through what you can expect during the process and help you to understand your options and rights as mandated by Illinois Law. Our knowledge and experience has provided us with a strong base of strategies and methods to assist you to reach a successful resolution. We invite you to demand and expect your case to be handled in an organized, timely, effective and cost efficient manner and be personally available to you during this time.

You will learn you can trust the Chicago Family Law Firm of Anderson and Boback to handle your case. We understand that you have many choices and many decisions to make when determining your legal representation. Should you decide it is in your best interest to settle, mediate or go to trial, you will quickly learn the advantages in choosing Anderson and Boback.

Your case will be assigned to the Anderson and Boback Chicago Family Attorney best suited to handle your needs. As each one of us are able to handle all aspects of Family Law from Pre-Nuptial AgreementsAdoptionLegal SeparationMarital Asset division and Divorce Proceedings, each partner at Anderson and Boback also has their own specialty niche.

For additional information regarding our areas of legal expertise, please visit our Articles and News sections of our website. Here you will find a myriad of information pertaining to all areas of Illinois Family Law.

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Information on Divorce Law in Illinois

Divorce Laws in Illinois mandate that proceedings begin by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in the appropriate Court within the state by the “Petitioner”. The Petition is then served upon the spouse, or the “Respondent.” When service is effectuated, the “Respondent” has 30 days to hire an attorney, file an appearance, or otherwise plea.

The Law Firm of Anderson & Boback are experts in protecting the rights of both the Petitioner and the Respondent in all Illinois divorce proceedings. It is important for you to hire the proper counsel during this difficult time. While a divorce is traumatic to all parties involved, emotional wear and tear can be depleted when representation is focused on a fair settlement. During the negotiation process Illinois divorce laws are guidelines to options and rights concerning marital estate asset divisionchild custody and child support, however, while important to maintain the integrity of the guidelines, each individual case is different and complex and it takes negotiating power and expertise to execute a settlement in the best interest of their client. When choosing Chicago divorce lawyers Anderson & Boback you are guaranteed the best representation.

For additional information regarding Illinois Divorce Laws and how they may relate to you and your situation, please visit our Articles page. There you will find information regarding Maintenance,Legal Separation as well as many other topics pertinent to divorce laws. Also, we have a News Section wherein you can find recent Court rulings dealing with all phases of family law. Please check back often as we strive to consistently update to keep you well informed.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you or refer us to someone you know is in need of a diligent, experienced Chicago Divorce Attorney