Moving Out of Illinois with Children After a Divorce

If the parent who has residential custody of the children wants to move out of Illinois after the divorce, he or she typically cannot pack up and go. Absent the written agreement from the other parent, the party wishing to relocate out of state needs to seek the court’s permission to move and file a

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Don’t Wait Too Long to File a Motion to Modify Child Support   We oftentimes have clients come in to our office telling us that they have experienced a change in their employment circumstances and that they can “no longer afford” child support, and request our assistance. Child support can only be modified upon a

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Appellate Court Requires Spouses to “Level the Playing Field” When Paying for the Attorneys

If you are in a divorce proceeding, you’ll likely hear the term “leveling the playing field” if there are discussions regarding who pays the attorneys fees in your case. The law provides that one party should not be able to “out spend” the other when hiring an attorney. So if your spouse spends $10,000 on

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Have You Been Caught Cheating?

When a spouse catches his or her mate cheating they often want him or her to pay, literally. However, it’s a common misconception that the non-cheating spouse will be financially compensated as a result of the cheating spouse’s misconduct. Illinois is a “no fault” state meaning that it is not necessary for the spouse seeking

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Discretionary Bonus Accrued During the Marriage but Issued After Divorce Judgment Marital Property?

In a recent case, In re Marriage of Wendt, the Appellate Court ruled no. The Appellate Court held that a non-vested discretionary bonus accrued during the marriage, but received after entry of a judgment for dissolution of marriage, is not marital property. Bonus Accrued During Marriage but Non-Marital Property? The parties filed for divorce in

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Living Separate and Apart Requirement in Illinois Divorce

Misconceptions in Divorce: Living Separate and Apart The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act requires that, prior to filing for divorce, the parties must live “separate and apart” for a certain period of time. Section 401 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act provides that, in order to obtain a divorce, the

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Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage in Illinois

A bill legalizing same-sex marriages has passed the Illinois House and Senate.  The law will make Illinois the 15th state in the country to sanction same-sex marriage, along with the District of Columbia. Below are answers to some questions about what the same-sex marriage law will mean in Illinois: Q: What is the difference between

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