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Can I Take My Children Out of State in Illinois?

Categorized as Child Relocation

We receive inquiries regularly from parents of children in Illinois regarding whether or not they can remove their child from the state of Illinois when they are estranged from their child’s other parent.  The answer varies, depending on different situations. [toc] Temporary Removal for a Vacation or Trip Parents are free to remove minor children

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How to Change Your Child’s Name in Illinois

Categorized as Family Law

In Illinois, there are two main ways to go about changing your minor child’s name: by agreement, and by Court adjudication of the issue.  As with all things related to co-parenting a minor child, the easiest and least costly method by which to proceed with changing your child’s name is to reach an agreement with

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What Rights Do Grandparents Have Seeking Custody of a Grandchild?

Categorized as Grandparents Rights

As Chicago family law attorneys, grandparents often inquire about custody and tell me that their son or daughter is incapable of parenting their child. Since they consider their offspring and the child’s other parent unfit, grandparents seek to obtain custody of their grandchildren. [toc] Rights of Grandparents In Illinois While the State of Illinois does

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