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daughter and father win parenting time victory
Parenting Time and Child Support Victory
Jessica C. Marshall

Partner Jessica C. Marshall recently represented a Father in a Parentage case filed before the minor child in question was even born, settling the matter for an extremely reasonable child support amount, as well as a very substantial parenting time schedule for the Father.

Mother Filed Child Support and Parentage Case Prior to Child’s Birth

Father and Mother were never married, and Father lived out of state. Mother resided in Illinois and prior to the child being born, the Mother filed a Child Support and Parentage case. After the child was born, the Father began exercising parenting time by flying to Illinois as often as he could to visit with his young child, but the parenting time schedule was not enough. Mother continued to unilaterally exercise major decisions for the minor child throughout the pendency of the case.

Father Relocates to Illinois to Be Close to His Minor Child

Father obtained new employment and relocated to Illinois approximately two (2) years into the matter pending with the court. Upon his relocation to Illinois, Anderson & Boback obtained an increase in Father’s parenting time. Then, after Father moved to Illinois and took a new job, Mother filed a Petition to relocate the minor child.

Father Awarded Joint Decision Making with Over 40-Percent Parenting Time

Despite these obstacles, Jessica was able to successfully negotiate joint decision making to be shared between Father and Mother in all major areas, as well as substantially increasing Father’s parenting time. Specifically, Father and Mother now share decision making for health care, education, childcare, religion, and extra-curricular activities. Father now has more than 40% of the parenting time with the minor child, despite Father having resided in a different state for the first two years of his child’s life.

Anderson & Boback is thrilled with this equitable and fair result for this family and is committed to fighting for the rights of all parents to spend quality and substantial time with their children.

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