Money Matters While Undergoing Divorce

Managing regular household bills on a monthly basis can be challenging enough during marital bliss. When a couple commences the divorce process, they often face two sets of household expenses in addition to their separate attorneys’ fees. Understanding some basic rules regarding marital income and expenses can be crucial to managing expenses and minimizing debt.

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What is a Deposition and How Do I Prepare?

Often in divorce or custody cases the parties will have to sit for a deposition.  A deposition is usually conducted outside of the courtroom, generally at one of the attorney’s offices.  The party that is being deposed is present, along with their attorney, if they have one.  The opposing party may be present to listen

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Can I Take My Children Out of State?

As spring break approaches, I am constantly being asked by my clients whether they can take their child on vacation despite their pending divorce.  The answer is yes, provided there are no court orders in place prohibiting you from doing so and the vacation does not interfere with the other party’s visitation with the child.

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Failure to Pay Child Support Could Mean Suspended Driver’s License

A relatively underutilized law allows Courts to suspend the driver’s license privileges of child support obligors who fail to meet their obligations. Common misconceptions about the law are that in order to suspend the license privileges there must first be a court finding of contempt against the payor and, once the payor’s license is suspended,

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How long will my divorce take?

One of the most common questions a new or potential client has is how long their divorce will take.  There is no standard answer to this question and it almost entirely depends upon the actions of the divorcing parties. Primarily, there are two different ways divorces can be finalized.  The first way is by agreement

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When to Ask the Court to Reconsider their ruling

                  I recently worked on a child support case where the parties were contesting the amount of child support to be paid by the other party to the client. Each party had their own calculations for what they believed the child support amount should be based upon the other party’s income and various business

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